ScreenStep Maker 2.0
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ScreenStep Maker 2.0

ScreenStep Maker is a program designed to help you create tutorials
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ScreenStep Maker is an application which helps you create tutorials: you have simple image editing features and markup tools which allow you highlight the details you want to draw people's attention to. This can be done by means of arrows and lines, as well as by circling elements with frames. There aren't all that many tools in here, admittedly, so if you are looking for something more stylish and expressive, this app isn't right for you. You can add text boxes, lines, arrows, and basic shapes, but the editing options aren't too varied: except for the font, size, and color, you can't change much. I would prefer to modify text alignment as well, but even this is impossible.

The interface is quite simple and uncluttered. I was expecting a thorough help file (since the program itself is built to create explanatory documents), but there isn't one. I can't say that the app is all that complicated as to require special guidance, but you need to pay attention to the options you select because there is no undo button. After I had to start several projects all over because I wasn't able to return to a previous setting, I discovered that you can delete your last move by right-clicking on the item you intend to erase and choosing the corresponding command. I warn you not to press 'Clear' because it won't cancel the last action, but will put you at the starting point and your entire work will be erased.

To put it short, I wouldn't recommend ScreenStep Maker to those looking for quality editing functions for their tutorial documents.

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  • You can capture images by using ScreenStep Maker
  • Six export options including PDF, HTML, image files, and Word documents


  • As for image formats, only JPEG files are supported



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